B o r C V S
  BorCVS is a version-control plugin for Borland C++ Builder and Delphi that connects those IDE's to CVS.
It is free software, distributed under the GNU General Public License, written by Thomas Bleier.

Project status

Since I've changed my work I currently do not have much time to work on BorCVS. However, it is an open source project, so anyone is invited to take the code and use it or contribute something to it.

One of these contributions came from Per-Eric Larsson, he ported the BorCVS code from C++ to Delphi. Initially, BorCVS was developed for my own use so C++ was not a bad choice. However, Borland's focus is clearly on Delphi, which results in the fact that it surely would be better to develop IDE extensions in Pascal than in C++. So, Per-Eric's port makes BorCVS available for all current Delphi and C++ Builder versions which I think is a great step forward for the project.


Before downloading BorCVS, you should at least read the Readme to get informed about the installation and compatibility issues.


Mailing Lists

The following mailing-lists are available for communication with BorCVS developers and users:

The mailing-lists are managed on Sourceforge. Use the link to subscribe or change your subscription options.



Currently, the most recent BorCVS versions are only available as sourcecode from the CVS repository on sourceforge. However, you can download the latest C++ version in source and binary form, and snapshots of the pascal source from the BorCVS files secion.

The module src contains the original C++ sourcecode. The new module srcpas contains the pascal-port.



BorCVS is under development in the Sourceforge BorCVS project. If you want to participate in enhancing BorCVS, you have the following resources:

The project is hosted on SourceForge Logo

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